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Our Work.

Leading Manufacturer of specialized attachments for a variety of OEM's ranging from Fork-lift trucks to Wheel Loaders to All-Terrain Cranes. Greenfield Products also manufacturers customized intermodal attachments for all major U.S. ports and railroads, such as: Container handling spreaders, chassis shipping units, and bombcarts.  

Industries include Concrete, Mining, Construction, Marine Ports, Railroads, Steel, and Wind Power and Custom Projects.

Our Passion.

Quality, through superior knowledge and professional experience, is the basic premise Greenfield Products, LLC. was built upon, today those same ideals remain at the forefront of every project that comes through our doors. From our engineering department, to the manufacturing floor, where our custom built ideas take shape, quality is always the goal at hand.

Our Performance.

Utilizing over 160,000 square feet of facility space, Greenfield Products, LLC. has the ability to engineer, machine, and fabricate the largest projects with ease, while maintaining the same precision and quality for which we have come to be known.