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Greenfield Products LLC.

Greenfield Products LLC is a leading manufacturer of custom fork truck mounted attachments, custom intermodal attachments, and the most reliable crane & rigging equipment in the industry. Quality, through superior knowledge and professional experience, is the basis that we were built upon in 1991. Today, those same ideals remain at the forefront of every project that comes through our doors. From the engineering department to the manufacturing floor, we are committed to providing a superior product and an unsurpassed customer experience.

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From the sharpest minds in the industry come the most sophisticated ideas. That’s a great sounding tagline, but the truth is, most of our products start with a customer’s problem. Our strength lies in being able to understand that problem and design a simple, maintainable solution that can integrate into their operations without missing a beat.


Taking an idea and making it a reality is often a numbers game. Everything is conceptual until the math is applied. That’s where our in-house team of professional engineers come into play. Having that foundation allows us the confidence to know that our designs will work long before the first piece of steel is cut. Our engineers take us from dreaming to doing.


Utilizing over 160,000 square feet of facility space, we have the ability and tools to manufacture everything from the smallest weldment to the largest projects with ease. But tools don’t make us who we are. The core of Greenfield Products is the people who work here. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team that is dedicated to producing the highest quality equipment with the personal care that we have always been known for.