Skycrane Cantilever Lifting Beam System

Skycrane Cantilever Lifting Beam System

The new Skycrane Cantilever Lifting Beam from Greenfield Products offers a wireless, self-contained, battery powered solution that doesn’t require any electrical or hydraulic interface with the crane. The beam’s counter weight is adjusted via remote control, allowing the operator to maintain beam balance during the lift process.

Features & Benefits:

  • Self-Leveling
  • Remote-Controlled
  • Hydraulic Jib
  • Pin-On Extension Beam
  • Pin-On Rotator
  • Load-Cell Shackle
  • Stackable Counterweight
  • Integrated Chain Hoist
  • Locking Pendulum & Warning Light
  • Rechargeable battery pack with 120V AC 3-prong plug


SkyCrane Size Model Max Load C.G. Offset (ft) Capacity at Max Offset* (lbs) Max System Weight** (lbs)
Mini SC-2-10 10 2,000 3,500
Small SC-6-18 18 6,000 12,500
Medium SC-20-20 20 20,000 22,000
Large SC-35-20 20 35,000 38,000
X-Large SC-50-20 20 50,000 45,000

*Capacity increases as Load C.G. Offset decreases.
**Beam tare weight can be reduced.  Counterweight is removable.