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Rotating Spreader

Rotating Spreader

The Rotating Spreader is engineered to easily rotate loaded containers. The rotating spreader allows the product to be loaded and unloaded even when it is perpendicular to the container. Product can be rotated between the ship’s legs and then set on trailers in the traditional direction of travel on the dock. It allows, safe, controlled rotation from virtually any crane.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rated for loads up to 65 tons
  • 16.25 ton pick points at 36” on center across the bottom 42” length of the bar
  • Nominally 42’ long x 8’6” wide
  • Total spreader weight: <30,000 lbs
  • Can be picked up by either a crane head block or bridles
  • Powered and controlled from parent crane plug
  • Fork pockets for easy transportation