Aluexbeams are the most versatile, fast, and lightweight aluminum lifting beams on the market.

Aluexbeams: X-Style aluminum spreader and lifting beams

Aluexbeams manufactures state of the art aluminum lifting and spreading beams with endless versatility. They can be used to lift boats, construction equipment, and heavy duty loads up to 50 tons. Aluexbeams are the most versatile, fast and lightweight aluminum beams on the market.

Key Features

  • Developed by lifting operators
  • Time efficient
  • Lightweight & manageable
  • Multiple lifting points
  • 25-50T X-beam spreaders available
  • Safety is our #1 Priority!
Model Capacity Weight Material
AL5 5 Ton 77 lbs. Aluminum
AL10 10 Ton 100 lbs. Aluminum
AL10+ 10 Ton 165 lbs. Aluminum
AL15 15 Ton 210 lbs. Aluminum
AL18+ 18 Ton 304 lbs. Aluminum
AL20 20 Ton 1,430 lbs. Steel
AL40 40 Ton 2,660 lbs. Steel
AL50 50 Ton 2,400 lbs. Steel


Model Capacity Weight Material
STR5 5 Ton 60 lbs. Aluminum
STR9 9 Ton 100 lbs. Aluminum
STR9+ 9 Ton 159 lbs. Aluminum