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Super Sack Spreader Bar

Super Sack Spreader Bar

Our Super Sack Spreader utilizes hooks supported by a steel frame to securely transport bulk “super sacks/big bags” from ship-to-shore.  With the option to utilize remote-controlled weblatch hooks, you can completely eliminate the need for personnel on the ground at the drop-off point.  This reduces the labor required to load/unload ships and allows greater adaptation to various types of bulk and break-bulk cargo.  The spreaders are custom-made for your operation and workload, with a number of options available to fit your budget.


  • Capacity
    • Per Customer Specification
    • “Standard” capacities are 8-12 Sacks per side
      • Total of 16-24 Sacks x 1.5 ton = 24–36 tons
    • Greenfield has experience building spreader bars up to 250 tons.
  • Dimensions
    • Per Customer Specification
    • “Standard” dimensions can be 25’L x 7’W
    • Extendable models can be designed per customer requirements.
  • Functionality
    • Pneumatic powered hooks
    • Pneumatic tanks securely mounting into the frame
    • Remote Control / Receiver to unlock hooks
    • Battery powered electrical system