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Streamline Trailer Handling with Greenfield Products’ Fork-Mounted Fifth Wheel

Published on: July 2, 2024
Streamline Trailer Handling with Greenfield Products’ Fork-Mounted Fifth Wheel

With a long history in developing Forklift Attachments for a variety of OEMs, Greenfield Products has established a name synonymous with quality and reliability. This drives the foundation of Greenfield’s operations, enabling them to deliver high-quality equipment that seamlessly integrates with a wide range of makes and models. Extensive experience in design and engineering enables them to offer premium equipment that works seamlessly with a variety of makes and models, while their relationships with OEMs and dealers provide the insight necessary to seamlessly integrate attachments onto trucks or equipment of any size. 

Companies facing the complexities of trailer and chassis handling within their facilities have a reliable provider in Greenfield Products. Their Fork-Mounted Fifth Wheel Attachment offers a seamless solution, simplifying the task of moving and rearranging trailers and chassis using a fork truck. Whether handling empty chassis, laden containers, or trailers, Greenfield’s fork-mounted fifth wheel offers a straightforward and efficient means of maneuverability, enhancing operational efficiency with ease. 

Tailored Sizes for Diverse Needs 

Greenfield Products four versions of the attachment are available that range in capacity, providing options for moving empty chassis, chassis with mounted empty containers, chassis with mounted full containers, and trailers efficiently. Each size variant is engineered to cater to different capacities and fork pocket specifications, ensuring versatility across various operational requirements. 

  • Small: Engineered for Class IV fork trucks, featuring fork pocket openings measuring 5 ¼” tall x 7 ¼” wide, with pockets set on 40 ½” centers. 
  • Medium: Designed for fork trucks with capacities ranging from 17,500 lbs. to 36,000 lbs., with fork pocket openings of 5 ¼” tall x 9 ¼” wide, and pockets set on 48” centers. 
  • Large: Tailored for fork trucks with capacities from 45,000 lbs. to 65,000 lbs., featuring fork pocket openings of 7 ¼” tall x 11 ¼” wide. 
  • Extra Large (XL): Catering to fork trucks with capacities from 45,000 lbs. to 65,000 lbs., with fork pocket openings of 7 ¼” tall x 13 ¼” wide. 

Features and Advantages 

The fork-mounted fifth wheel attachment from Greenfield Products is designed to enhance operational efficiency: 

  • Secure and Removable: Easily secured to the carriage using chain retention and fork mounted with integral fork pockets. 
  • Integrated Air Tank: Equipped with a 2850 cu. in. (17.5 gal) air tank, complete with a manual shutoff and provision for charging via a Schrader Valve. 
  • Effortless Handling: With an estimated weight of 1,410 lbs. and a balanced design (HCG is 54” from the front of the forks, VCG is 5 1⁄2” above the top of the forks), handling becomes effortless. 
  • Versatility: Standard 69” load center ensures compatibility with various trailers and chassis configurations. 

Additional Enhancements 

For added convenience and functionality, Greenfield Products offers optional enhancements such as an Air Charge Kit or Cab Mounted Control Kit. 

Ideal for Various Applications 

Known also as fork-mounted trailer movers or Forklift fifth wheels, Greenfield’s fork-mounted fifth wheel attachment caters to a spectrum of needs, its convenience and ease of use make it a preferred choice across industries for handling and moving chassis from small to large. 

Complement with Greenfield Product’s Container Chassis 

Along with their Fork-Mounted Fifth Wheel Attachment, Greenfield Products offers several container chassis options and sizes. These chassis seamlessly integrate with their fork-mounted attachments, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline logistical transportation requirements.  

Greenfield Product’s fork-mounted fifth wheel attachments offer smoother, quieter, and more stable towing than gooseneck hitches. With a range of weight capacities and sliding options for short-bed trucks, fifth wheel hitches ensure optimal towing performance. Moreover, their convertibility to gooseneck hitches and enhanced stability for taller trailers make them a preferred choice for seamless transportation. 

Optimizing Operations: Greenfield Products’ Attachment Solutions 

As a leading manufacturer of specialized attachments for a variety of OEMs, ranging from forklift trucks to port and rail equipment to all-terrain cranes, Greenfield Products provides the most thoroughly designed and engineered lifting and material handling solutions, guaranteeing to optimize operations and efficiency.  

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