Port & Rail Equipment

Design | Engineer | Manufacture

Greenfield Products offers design, engineer, and fabrication flexibility by having all personnel in-house. We can use these resources to quickly take an idea for port and rail equipment from concept to completion. Some of our top port and rail equipment include:

Container Spreader

We offer an extensive line of Container Handling Spreaders that can be catered to you based on your operation, lifting device, and container size.  

With options for twist lock, bridle, and fork truck mounting, we can work with the existing equipment you have on site.  For operations with low lift counts, there are manual and semi-automatic spreaders that require no integration and work right out of the box.  We even have a self-contained battery-powered spreader that operates via remote control.   Looking for something more robust?  There are a number of solutions that are hydraulically integrated or function along with a parent spreader for use in larger terminals.

Bridge Plate Cart

The Bridge Plate Cart was designed with safety in mind by keeping personnel off of the auto car completely. 

Due to the mobility of the unit, bridge plates can be placed securely without compromising speed.  Utilizing an independently-controlled lift platform along with a bridge plate storage rack, the operator is able to access the placement area, pick and drop the plates, and move on to the next area.  Since the Bridge Plate Cart is built on the same platform as our standard Cone Cart Grunt, it retains all the same yard mobility and can quickly drive from car to car.

Lashing Cage

Our Lashing Cages are outfitted to perform a variety of tasks. 

Chief among these, our Gondola Cages and Safety Cages provide a secure and ergonomic position for stevedores to unlatch containers.  The cages are handled by a parent spreader with no integration or modification required.  The Gondola Cage is able to extend from 20-40ft for maneuverability, allowing for a more versatile operation.  The Rescue Cage mounts the same way as our other lashing cages, but provides maximum space for stretchers or medical equipment for operator rescue in an area where space is at a premium.