Crane & Rigging Equipment

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With a focus on features, structural integrity, and flexibility, our crane and rigging equipment are manufactured from the ground up to meet manufacturer standards and customer requirements. Whether you need to adapt to a crane or lift a piece of equipment, we have the crane and rigging equipment to meet the demands of the job. Some of our top crane and rigging equipment includes:

Smart Crane Mats

Our Smart Crane Mats stand out from other crane mats & outrigger pads due to the patented lightweight design.

By employing a high-strength steel construction that is up to 50% lighter than regular steel mats, you can save on transportation costs and set-up time.  To further reduce set-up time, the single lifting point design allows the operator to throw a sling around the entire set of mats and pick them all up at once.

Skycrane Cantilever Beam

Offers a wireless, self-contained, battery powered lifting solution that doesn’t require any electrical or hydraulic interface with the crane.

With this innovative new design, the beam’s counter weight is adjusted via remote control, allowing the operator to maintain consistent beam balance during the lift process.  The rotating axis allows the Skycrane further control, ensuring the load reaches its destination securely and precisely.