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Spreader Bars & Strongbacks

Greenfield Products has a long history of providing Quality Engineering and Manufacturing to the Material Handling Industry. From Sea Ports to Steel Plants and Test Facilities, Greenfield Products Strongbacks and Spreader Bars are used on overhead cranes, rubber tired gantry cranes, fork trucks and ship-to-shore break bulk cranes.  Units have been designed to handle up to 550 Tons.

Concrete Clamping Carriage

The Greenfield Products concrete clamping carriage is an integral-mounted heavy-duty carriage built for standard fork carriage use or for clamping onto concrete pipes.
With the clamping pads installed, the carriage is used to engage and clamp onto concrete pipe. Once clamped, the concrete pipe can be lifted and moved. Standard carriage operation is accomplished by removing the clamping pads. Switching to or from clamping and standard carriage use is easily accomplished by installation or removal of the clamping pads that fit over the forks.