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Greenfield Products and DTA: Revolutionizing Material Handling with Automated Guided Vehicles

Published on: March 27, 2024
Greenfield Products and DTA: Revolutionizing Material Handling with Automated Guided Vehicles

Greenfield Products collaborating with DTA, the international trailblazer in autonomously guided vehicle design and manufacturing since 1972, has revolutionized the material handling industry by advancing the distribution of DTA’s groundbreaking Automated Guided Vehicles, better known as AGVs. These AGVs, built by DTA are designed to take material handling and logistics to the next level, increasing operational efficiencies using state-of-the-art engineering. This collaboration brings cutting-edge AGV technology to industries such as steel, aeronautics, shipbuilding, automotive manufacturing, and more.  

The Power of AGVs in Material Handling 

Automatic Guided Vehicles are vehicles designed to move autonomously eliminating the need for manual control. They can carry several tons of weight and can be adapted to any type of load. DTA’s AGVs are specifically engineered to handle diverse material handling tasks, boasting the capacity to carry loads of any size or weight with exceptional efficiency. AGVs are used both for transporting material whether indoors or outdoors and for other functions that require autonomous movement, making it possible to develop AGVs for different functions and applications in sectors such as windmill, railway, shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, steel mill and foundries, and the port industries.  

The advantages of AGVs, including reduced direct labor costs, error prevention, enhanced safety conditions, and layout flexibility all contribute to heightened productivity. In stark contrast to personnel, AGVs operate continuously without risk of becoming distracted or exhausted, eliminating the need for breaks and allowing for non-stop operation. AGVs are programmed to follow the most efficient routes or execute specific tasks, prompting businesses to reconsider their operational strategies, especially if operating on multiple shifts, where the incorporation of an “automatic” extra night shift could be a transformative option. 

30 Ton AGV steel coil material handling equioment

DTA Heavy Duty Transporters That Go Beyond 

Some applications or processes go beyond the capabilities of typical AGVs. In such instances, Heavy Duty Transporter AGVs become essential. Collaborating with Greenfield Products, the engineering team at DTA can custom design and manufacture AGVs tailored to any application, ensuring an ideal fit for the layout of the facility in which they will be utilized. 

Mainly used in confined areas for transferring loads from one hall to another, these electric vehicles can adapt to various wheel types, lifting systems, and steering modes, providing optimal performance based on the unique needs of each application. Heavy Duty Transporter AGVs easily haul a variety of heavy material and difficult-to-maneuver products without damage to the facility or the material. Avoiding the necessity for heavy lifting equipment or longitudinal transportation (such as cranes within the building) ensures a decrease in operational expenses. 

Key Features of DTA Heavy Duty Transporters: 

  • Capacities ranging from one to 600 tons, working individually or in compound mode (several vehicles synchronized together electrically) 
  • Various steering systems for tight steering radius 
  • Remote control or cabin operation for flexibility 
  • Customization options for different wheels and lifting systems  
Self propelled modular transporter SPMT

DTA’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is reflected in their Heavy-Duty Transporters, which boast low maintenance requirements, zero environmental pollution, and no fuel cost. 

SPMTs: Precision in Heavy Load Transport 

DTA’s Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) are designed for transporting extremely heavy loads with automated precision in confined areas and are characterized by their capacity to efficiently move especially sensitive loads of any weight. These transporters are customized based on individual customer needs, ensuring a perfect fit for each business. With dynamic steering modes and an adaptable hydraulic system, SPMTs guarantee an efficient and safe load transport within factories.  

AGV Navigation and Communication: Unlocking Advanced Capabilities 

DTA and Greenfield Products provide a range of navigation systems for AGVs to suit diverse applications: 

  • Wire-Guided System: Simple route following with a wire embedded in the floor. 
  • Magnetic Guided System: Improved wire-guiding using magnets for flexibility. 
  • Optical Guided System: AGV follows a painted line for easy installation and modification. 
  • Artificial Vision System: Utilizes artificial vision for route recognition and correction. 
  • Laser System: Recognizes surroundings using a rotational laser for easy route modification. 

Traffic management and data compilation systems within DTA’s AGVs are employed to minimize unnecessary stops during shifts, gather information about other elements in the system, organize the routes, and generate orders effectively. These wireless navigation systems, easily manageable by a host, ensure smooth and efficient operations in diverse industrial settings. 

DTA and Greenfield Products: Transforming Industries Through Innovation 

As innovators in material handling solutions, DTA and Greenfield Products are dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and safe AGV solutions. With a focus on customization, advanced technology, and progressive engineering, DTA’s AGVs are revolutionizing the way industries handle materials, enhancing productivity while maintaining the highest standards of safety. Experience the future of material handling with DTA Automated Guided Vehicles, exclusively available throughout North America with Greenfield Products.  

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