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Greenfield Products’ Innovative Lifting Solutions

Published on: November 20, 2023
Greenfield Products’ Innovative Lifting Solutions

Elevating Efficiency and Safety

Greenfield Products takes pride in delivering top-notch crane and rigging equipment that not only prioritizes productivity but prioritizes safety.

Their exclusive partnership as the premier North American distributor of Roborigger’s groundbreaking automated lifting devices, Aluexbeams’ versatile lifting spreader frames and their revolutionary SkyCrane cantilever lifting beam system marks their commitment to excellence.  

Reduce Cost While Improving the Safety and Efficiency of the Lift 

automated load orientation crane and rigging

Roborigger’s innovative remote-controlled robotic load orientation device incorporates gyroscopic rotation technology, eliminating the need for personnel near the landing zone. Loads can be remotely rotated and positioned regardless of wind (up to 20 mph). This advanced feature secures safer handling of suspended loads and eliminates the use of tag lines, significantly minimizing the risk of entanglement incidents. Furthermore, the integrated personnel detection system alerts individuals within the danger zone, promoting a secure work environment.  

With a robust 5-to-50 ton lifting capacity and a host of user-friendly features such as integrated load cells, two preset orientation settings (to simplify repetitive operations), and a wireless remote with an impressive range (100 meter minimum), Roborigger devices provide an unparalleled convenience.  

To increase the efficiency of the crane’s performance by an incredible 15%, Roborigger is enabled with Wi-Fi capabilities and equipped with IoT (internet-of-all-things) applications where lift data is collected in real-time and immediately available online through a cloud based IoT customer platform. Aggregated data including date, time, location, weight, a high-resolution image, and video streaming capabilities will track the load being lifted, analyze performance and activity, and provide an ideal strategy for remote monitoring. Additionally, with a resilient battery life (12+hours) and onboard charging capabilities, they ensure uninterrupted performance on the jobsite. 

Aluexbeams spreader bars for crane and rigging

The Most Versatile, Fast and Lightweight Aluminum Lifting Spreader 

Complementing this, Aluexbeams’ exclusive design featuring multiple lifting points and a lightweight aluminum frame, offers a seamless solution for lifting a variety of large complex items. Developed by lifting operators, it was designed as a spreader bar combined with the adaptability of an adjustable lifting frame and lifts most heavy-duty items from boats and vehicles to heavy construction equipment. The various Aluexbeam models, with an impressive 5-to-50-ton capacity, delivers unmatched efficiency and portability with easy setup and collapsible storage for even more added convenience. 

Utilizing either Aluexbeam or Roborigger with Greenfield Products’ own revolutionary SkyCrane cantilever beam, every lifting project will be safer, more productive, and will increase the efficiency for every lifting endeavor. 

SkyCrane: The Battery-Powered Solution for Lifting in Tight Places 

Engineered with precision, the SkyCrane cantilever lifting beam system designed by Greenfield Products is a wireless, self-contained, battery-powered lifting beam with a maximum capacity of 50,000 lbs. (at max offset). Designed for construction sites where the crane hook lacks direct overhead access to the load, the SkyCrane is the ultimate solution for installing precast facade panels on buildings with overhang limitations as well as an excellent tool within the glass and glazing industry. With a user-friendly remote-controlled counterweight system ensuring optimal balance during lifting, the SkyCrane not only enhances operational efficiency but will prioritize workplace safety during all aspects of the lift.  By exclusively offering the Roborigger, Aluexbeam, and SkyCrane systems, Greenfield Products guarantees the highest safety standards for onsite personnel and state-of-the-art lifting equipment. Equipping job sites with these cutting-edge solutions will not only save time and enhance productivity but also maximize profits, solidifying Greenfield Products’ commitment to excellence.