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Extension Jib Boom

Extension Jib Boom

The Extension Boom is a simple solution that allows your forklift truck to handle cargo that needs to be lifted into a projected, sometimes difficult, area to reach. Multiple shackle points run the length of the Boom, allowing adaptability for any lifting job that arises. All Booms are custom designed and manufactured to customer specifications and truck model, including capacity, length, and shackle positions. Telescopic Booms are also available, and can be extended and retracted manually or via hydraulic controls.


  • Capacity, length and shackle positions custom made to order.
  • Hook, pin, shaft, carriage, and fork mounted models available.
  • Quick Disconnect option frees up your forklift truck for other jobsite requirements.
  • Telescopic models available.
  • Low profile options for maximum clearance.