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Chassis Picker

Chassis Picker

The HCP-180 chassis picker provides a means to positively clamp onto the rails of a container chassis under the lower flange of the chassis I-Beam. Once clamped, the container chassis can be moved and stacked for more efficient yard utilization.

The chassis picker mounts onto the forks of a standard non-dedicated forklift. The forklift engages the fork pockets of this unit with the clamp heads facing downward. The unit is then secured to the truck carriage using two chains. The two hydraulic lines and one electric cable is then connected to the carriage by means of quick connects.

To engage a chassis, the operator positions the four clamp heads of the unit over the rails of the container chassis in front of the tandems. The picker is then lowered until the clamp heads are under the lower chassis flange. The clamped front heads are clamped using a forklift hydraulic function to grab the chassis rails. The chassis can now be lifted quickly, safely, and without damage to the air lines, shackles, tires, or electric cables.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to connect and remove from the fork truck 
  • 21,000 lbs to 36,000 lbs at 24” load center
  • Chain secured to carriage
  • Hydraulic interface through one set of a/b lines 
  • Connected using hydraulic quick connects