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Hitch Puller-Chassis Picker Combo

Hitch Puller-Chassis Picker Combo

The Hitch Puller-Chassis Picker Combo combines all of the features of the rail car 5th wheel Hitch Puller with the chassis handling capabilities of the HCP-180C Chassis Picker.  The Hitch Puller function is designed for lifting the 5th wheel plates on rail flatcars.  The unit has hydraulically-driven telescopic extensions on both sides to reach the hitch easily.  The Chassis Picker function operates the same as our HCP-180C model by securely clamping onto the rails of a container chassis.  Indicator lights on the unit confirm a positive and secure clamp, allowing the operator to safely lift and transport the chassis.


  • Fork Pocket (inside dimensions): 5 ¼” wide, 9 ¼” High set on 68 ¾” centers
  • Minimum Width: 91”
  • Tare Weight: 6,400 lbs.
  • Capacity:
    • Hitch Puller: 5,000 lbs. on the hook. Maximum hook force limited by the chain. Hooks mounted with shock absorber.
    • Chassis Picker: 8,500 lbs.
  • Functions: One truck function is required to supply the 2 functions on this unit. The unit has electric over hydraulic valving that enables Hitch Puller Extension/Retraction or HCP Clamping/Unclamping.
  • Hitch Puller Extension Arm: 132” center of unit to hook center
  • Arm extension/retraction and clamping/unclamping are hydraulic cylinder driven.
  • Chassis picker clamping range:
    • Fully clamped: 39 ½” between vertical contact faces
    • Fully unclamped: 54 ¼” between feet (opening)
  • Truck Interface: Fork mounted, chain secured to carriage. Hydraulic interface through one set of a/b lines with electric signals to activate hitch puller or chassis clamp heads. Electric and hydraulic interface use quick connects.