Forklift Attachments

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When your load does not fit to a pallet, Greenfield can offer custom forklift attachments for your particular need. Whether you need to lift a concrete pipe or move a chassis, we can provide the solution that is right for you. Some of our top forklift attachments include:

Chassis Handling

The Chassis Picker and Chassis Rotator provide a means to securely clamp onto the rails of a container chassis and maneuver them around the yard. 

With a quicker and more efficient storage method than using just the standard forks, both units have a quick-disconnect ability so the fork truck can be used for other needs while not moving chassis.

Coil Ram

Heavy duty Coil Rams are offered as both a fork mounted and carriage mounted option. These rams can be designed to mate with any OEM fork truck at any capacity.

Our design incorporates the ram’s positioning so that the operator has an unobstructed view.  Split rams provide the ability to lift one large coil when the rams are positioned together, or two small coils when split rams are spread.

Fork Mounted Fifth Wheel

The Fork-Mounted Fifth Wheel attachment provides a simple and effective means of moving and rearranging trailers and chassis by implementing a fork truck.

Three versions of the attachment are available that range in capacity, providing options for moving empty chassis, chassis with mounted empty containers, chassis with mounted full containers, and trailers efficiently.