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Trailer Train Dolly Kit

Trailer Train Dolly Kit

The Trailer Train Dolly Kit is designed to be used with any bomb cart or chassis. The kit hooks up with a 5th wheel just like a standard yard truck. Once installed, it’s possible to pull up to 3 bomb carts with one truck, making your yard truck 2x-3x more productive. The kit includes a bumper kit for leading the bomb cart with a bolt on pintle hook, plus all necessary air lines and valving to transfer the air pressure through all 3 bomb cart/chassis brake systems.

Features & Benefits:

  • Single axle configuration designed for loaded single containers.
  • Dual axle configuration is available to handle twin-20 containers.
  • Solid or pneumatic tires are available.
  • Impressive turn radius for tight terminal layouts.
  • Fork pockets included for ease of installation.