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Spill Containment Chassis

Spill Containment Chassis

The Greenfield Products Spill Containment Bomb Cart has been designed and engineered to handle and contain leaking 20’ and 40’ ISO Containers or 20’ Tankers.  The Model N20-45-1 can be transported by Hostler, Crane Spreader or Straddle Carrier.

The N20-45 is built with Bomb Cart standards, but also has the ability to retain over 1000CF or 7500 Gallons of Liquid.  This is approximately the volume of a 20’ Tanker.

Features & Benefits

  • ISO Corner Castings allow for transportation by crane as well as securing the container to the Bomb Cart Spill Containment Unit.
  • Spill remediation can be done with an industry standard 3″ ball valve and pump truck.  The ball valve is set at the lowest point possible to allow for maximum drainage.

General Specifications


  • One or Two 20′ Units
  • One 40′ Unit
  • One 45′ Unit

Weight: 29,000 lbs (approximate)

Suspension:  70,000 lbs Watson-Chalin

Deck Height:  48″

Drain:  3″ Ball Valve

ISO Corner Castings:  Buffers USA

Containment Volume:  7,500 gallons or 1,000 cubic feet (approximate max)