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Reefer Platform Stairs

Reefer Platform Stairs

Greenfield Products’ Reefer Platform Stairs make reefer maintenance safer and more convenient.  Ideal for refrigerated container service and routine maintenance. This unique solution replaces step ladders, man-lifts, unsafe rolling staircases, and flimsy portable work platforms. The Reefer Platform Stairs offer an extension platform, giving the mechanic direct proximity to the genset, with plenty of room for tools or parts. When the generator set or the reefer requires maintenance, keep your employees safe by installing the durable, slip-resistant, Reefer Platform Stairs.

Reefer Platform Stairs Are Permanent Or Portable, As Needed.

The Reefer Platform Stairs are designed for safety and convenience, but also versatility. They can be installed either permanently cast in place, or, can be mobile, being carried via fork pockets; however business flows dictate variations in demand.

Expandable/Retractable Work Platform.

Once the operator has entered the elevated work platform, it extends up to 23” inches further to provide a comfortable working space. The platform can even be designed for automatic or manual retraction. Automatic retraction is performed with a release plate on the floor so that the operator will automatically clear the lane just by walking back to the main platform.

Built With Safety In Mind.

The Reefer Platform Stairs are designed with multiple safety considerations in mind to prevent slips and falls.  The single, sturdy staircase includes 20″ wide rungs with diamond-serrated metal grips for drainage and slip-resistant footing in all directions of travel. The continuous, double handrails are OSHA compliant, and a highly effective safety feature.

Built To Last.

The Reefer Platform Stairs are built to last. The telescoping slides are treated to resist corrosion, and designed with hardened raceways and low-deflection, ultra-sturdy profiles.  It’s all part of Greenfield Products’ overall mission to give you years of smooth, reliable operation.

Platform Specifications:

Large work platform: 32”x40”, 32 x63” extended; 90.25″ high off the ground
Handrails: 42” off the ground, with mid rail
Staircase: 20” wide
Capacity: 500 lbs.
Overall weight: 2,600 lbs.

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