GenSet Handler

GenSet Handler

Remove generator sets from reefer containers safely and efficiently with the GenSet Handler.  The properly-rated GenSet Handler conforms to current ANSI and OSHA regulations. This one-man operation reduces costs and ensures safety by allowing the operator to switch controls from the cab to the basket. The basket’s remote control box offers precise operation, allowing basket to extend/retract, raise/lower, and side shift while the machine is parked. Aligning forks with fork pockets is now more efficient with optimum visibility.

How Does It Help?

The GenSet Handler is integrated to the carriage of a truck and not a fork mounted platform. We have custom forks that are sized for the capacity of a 12,000 truck with a perfect length and a special taper to fit GenSet fork pockets without “stabbing” the container. We have fully engineered this product within all of the required ANSI and OSHA Regulations (and there are a lot of them).

The main points that we ran into were:
1. The truck must be de-rated by 50% when handling personnel.

  • A fully fueled GenSet can be handled by a 6,000 lb. truck, but with an operator elevated we needed a 12,000 lb. truck rating to meet code.

2. To mount a basket on a fork lift the following must be met by the OEM:

  • The data plate of the basket must match the data plate of the truck.
  • The OEM Operators Manual must detail the use of the machine with a