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Forklift Grapple Attachment

Forklift Grapple Attachment

Greenfield Products’ Forklift Grapple Attachment is engineered to provide a safe, convenient solution for land clearing, forestry, logging, rail, general construction, or scrap operations. It creates an easy method for transporting logs, or similar materials, around a job site.

Using a Forklift Grapple Attachment with an existing lift truck can improve productivity – allowing you to do more with less – and can actually pay for itself over time. The attachment both increases the capacity of the lift truck while eliminating the need for another machine. Utilizing a removable attachment instead of a dedicated grapple can lower transport and fuel costs, and it reduces the need for additional staff or extra training. When the job is done, the attachment can be easily removed to resume the typical lift truck function.

Greenfield Products’ Forklift Grapple Attachment is compatible with class IV forklift trucks, and designed to facilitate fast installation, with a minimal amount of downtime. It is precisely engineered, industrial-grade, and purpose-built: suited to clamp and cradle everything from stumps, brush, fallen trees, and logs – to pipes, poles, rebar, or any similarly-shaped materials. This design steadies material in-line for straight-on loading or transport, and handles materials up to 16 feet long and 1,600 lbs. The grapple tines open to a maximum of 34″ for grappling large objects and fold together to less than 6″ tight in diameter, for holding even smaller materials securely. The Forklift Grapple Attachment can handle one or a bundle of several logs at one time and allows the user to easily and accurately load, unload, move, deck, sort and feed logs all from the safety of the cab.

Forklift Grapple Attachment Features:

  • 75” overall length
  • 34” grapple opening width
  • 20.5” grapple opening height
  • Class IV hook mounting to carriage
  • 1 aux hydraulic function required, with A/B flow, 10 gpm nominal @ 2,000 psi.
  • Squeezes down to handle minimum 6” diameter log
  • Weight: 2,250 lbs.
  • Capacity: 1,650 lbs. (at 8’ load center)

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