DTA Heavy Duty Transporters

DTA Heavy Duty Transporters

Transporters are mainly used in confined areas for transferring loads from one hall to another. Due to their different steering modes, it is possible to achieve tight steering radius.
Transporters are customized, designed, and manufactured according to customers’ needs.

DTA designs and manufactures AGVs to be operated for all types of heavy industry. We are committed to technological innovation to supply reliable and productive solutions in both assembly or manufacturing line for all our clients regardless of the type of load.

TAGVs built in DTA are specifically designed to cover customers requests in the optimal way. Our AGVs are used essentially for load transportation inside of factories, characterized for their capacity to carry loads of any heaviness and/or delicacy in an efficient way, always assuring the safety of operators and load.


Load capacity from 1 ton to 600 tons working in single or in compound mode (or with more vehicles electrically synchronized).

Steering Modes

Our electric carts can move with different steering systems (steering on an axle, two axles, 360º, 90º, crab, etc…)


These vehicles are operated with remote control (wireless or wire connected according to customer needs) and also from a cabin. They all include AC traction electric motors.


Electric transporters can adapt to different types of wheels depending on the floor condition at customer’s site, for which DTA advises and suggests the type of material to be used (polyurethane, vulkollan, solid, super elastic or pneumatic). Optionally, we can include different lifting systems (through cylindrical bars, cylinders, or through the vehicle that lifts up the load) to take place on pallets or steel structures.

The engineering team at DTA will gladly suggest the optimal guiding method based on your layout and requests to offer you the best product with the best price possible.