DTA Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV’s)

DTA Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV’s)

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) built by DTA are designed to take material handling to the next level, increasing operational efficiencies using state of the art technology. A popular material handling solution for steel, aeronautic, shipbuilding and automotive manufacturing, AGV’s are characterized for their capacity to carry loads of any size or weight with incredible efficiency, always assuring the safety of operators and loads.

DTA designs and manufactures AGVs to be utilized by all types of heavy industry. We are committed to technological innovation to supply reliable and productive solutions in both assembly and manufacturing lines, regardless the type of load.


The AGV follows a route marked by a wire buried on the floor. This wire generates a magnetic field that guides the AGV on its route.


Improvement of wire-guiding. The magnetic field is generated by a magnet instead of a wire, which avoids the usage of electricity on the wire.

Optical Guided

The AGV follows a route thats marked by a painted line, which is detected by the catadioptric installed on the AGV. Easier to install and modify than wire-guiding.

Artificial Vision

The AGV uses artificial vision to recognize a tire of catadioptic mirror, calculate the deviation between the marked route and the AGV and correcting it instantly.


The AGV recognizes its surroundings using a rotational laser that is reflected in a series of reflectors in order to determine its position on a map of the factory previously loaded in its memory. This method offers the easiest way to modify a route as an advantage.

The engineering team at DTA will gladly suggest the optimal guiding method based on your layout and requests to offer you the best product with the best price possible.