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Greenfield Products Launches the All New SkyCrane Cantilever Lifting Beam System

Published on: March 11, 2020

Hazel Crest, IL

Release: March 2020

For immediate release.

Greenfield Products, LLC has engineered a new piece of custom equipment: the SkyCrane Cantilever Beam. The SkyCrane is a self-leveling cantilever beam system that offers the customer the most versatile and efficient cantilever beam operation in the industry. Engineered to offer a wireless, self-contained, battery-powered solution that doesn’t require any electrical or hydraulic interface with a crane, the beam’s counterweight is adjusted via remote control, allowing the operator to maintain beam balance during the lift process.

This product is designed to work in construction sites where the crane hook cannot have direct overhead access to the load to be lifted. The SkyCrane is a great tool for the glass and glazing industry. It is also beneficial for installing precast facade panels in buildings where ledges or overhangs may limit how close the crane hook can be to the side of the building.

“Our particular project had a recessed soffit of 17’, and our firm was tasked with the job of installing fully unitized curtain wall units in this set back area,” stated Bagatelos Architectural, a customer of Hatton Construction that has used the SkyCrane. “Simply put, the SkyCrane cantilever beam utilized by Hatton made short work of this task. This beam’s variety of functions proved to be an efficient, smooth, and safe approach to this very difficult installation!”

The SkyCrane has numerous features and benefits that make it the most versatile and efficient cantilever beam operation in the industry. First, it is self-leveling, meaning that the beam will automatically adjust the counterweight position to keep itself level within 1 degree. Second, it has remote-controlled functions, allowing the operator to maintain beam balance during the lift process. The hydraulic jib also allows precise positioning of the load. The beam operator can be next to the load being lifted and extend or retract the jib to adjust its position, while the crane operator does not have to, given that they are at ground level with poor or no visibility of the load.

Furthermore, the SkyCrane has a pin-on extension beam which doubles the capacity of the beam when handling heavy loads. It also has a pin-on rotator that allows the beam orientation to be adjusted without the use of tag lines. The rotator is able to maintain the direction of the beam during the lift. Operators also have the ability to view the total load being lifted and exactly what the load weighs with the load-cell shackle.

Lastly, the stackable counterweight provides the functionality of reducing or removing counterweight when handling light loads. Loads can also be lifted and/or rotated by two chain hoists that are integrated on the remote. All in all, these features minimize the risk of personnel injury and increase safety on all aspects of the lift.

Greenfield Products, LLC is a leading manufacturer of specialized attachments for a variety of OEMs ranging from fork-lift trucks to wheel loaders to all-terrain cranes. Greenfield also manufactures customized intermodal attachments for all major U.S. ports and railroads such as the following: container handling spreaders, chassis shipping units, and bomb carts.  Lastly, Greenfield has made an impact in the mobile crane & rigging industry in the last several years with their line of boom dollies, smart crane mats, and cantilever beams.

Utilizing over 160,000 square feet of facility space, Greenfield Products has the ability to engineer, machine, and fabricate the largest projects with ease, precision, and quality.