Shipping Container Roll Off Trailer – ContiLift System

Shipping Container Roll Off Trailer – ContiLift System

Experience the difference loading and transporting ISO containers anywhere with the ContiLift® Container Handling System. Purpose-designed for safe and effortless handling of 20-45ft ISO containers, standard or high cube, full or empty, up to 80 tons.

Works With Your Current Fleet.

ContiLift is available in a variety of models, with various standard lifting capacities up to 35 tons, and can even be custom configured for capacities up to 80 tons. This system is designed to be used by the existing drivers and operators. No additional operators or specialized training is required.

ContiLift, Load and Unload with Ease.

The Shipping Container Roll Off Trailer makes it possible to lift, load / unload, and even dump ISO containers without the help of reach stackers, forklifts, or other auxiliary equipment.  For the first time, it’s possible to handle all transportation steps with one machine. Loading containers goes smoothly with the easy-to-use remote control system.  The ContiLift frame is attached to the corners of the container via the automatic hydraulic spreader. The spreader connects automatically with integrated locking pins at the top corners, and a crossbar at the bottom corner castings.  The system lifts the nose of the container, the truck is backed up, and the container glides onto the truck bed.  Most containers can be loaded within 2 minutes. Unloading goes equally fast and containers can be unloaded virtually anywhere. The ContiLift system is suitable for both pavement or rough terrain environments — anywhere your truck can go.

An Effective Solution Across Civil or Military Industries.

The ContiLift system is a cost-effective and safe transport logistics system for many commercial and military applications, including port and intermodal, construction, mining, scrap recycling, waste disposal, civil defense logistics, emergency services, storage and any application that would require use of a container. Whether an emergency or temporary need, or just to support normal logistical flow, the ContiLift system can help.

Shipping Container Roll Off Trailer is Safe and Convenient.

All the necessary operations are remote controlled by the driver, either without leaving the cab, or at another safe distance away. No manual operation is required from operator, and functions are automatic and error-proof. Furthermore, containers can be safely handled during high wind, low visibility, or other less-than-ideal conditions.

ISO Container Trailer Features:

  • Suitable for 20 / 30 /40 / 45 ft ISO containers (high cube by special configuration)
  • Lifting Capacity:  standard configurations up to 35 tons (up to 80 tons by special configuration)
  • Construction:  Steel Weldox 700 (tensile strength 700 MPa)
  • ISO Spreader for standard ISO containers (high cube by special configuration)
  • Load/Unload cycle:  Approx. 2 minutes
Model Lifting Capacity Max. Container Length Tare Weight
ICAK-20-D/18 18 tons 256″ 2,183 lbs.
ICAK-20-D/20 20 tons 256″ 2,227 lbs.
ICAK-25-D/25 25 tons 256″ 2,205 lbs.
ICAK-25-D/30 30 tons 256″ 2,249 lbs.
ICAK-25-D/35 35 tons 256″ 2,271 lbs.
CHU 40/35-L 35 tons 480″ 11,465 lbs.
CHU 40/35-LT* 35 tons 480″ 11,465 lbs.
CHU 40/45-L 45 tons 480″ 11,465 lbs.
CHU 40/60-L 60 tons 480″ 11,465 lbs.

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