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Bulk Container Loaders and Unloaders

Bulk Container Loaders and Unloaders

Greenfield Products’ Bulk Container Loaders and Unloaders are the perfect way to optimize bulk container handling systems, with their low-cost transport and installation, and all-around unbeatable performance.

Bulk containers are preferred over expensive super sacks. An average-size company can save thousands per container, and millions each year versus handling super sacks.

But, tilting chassis are hard to find, and disconnecting and re-connecting containers from the chassis is dangerous and time-consuming. Greenfield Products’ Bulk Container Solutions keep the container and chassis together. Benefits include safer operation, less mobile equipment, labor savings (all operations can be performed with a single operator), eliminating contamination (no more double-handling), and the ability to unload the containers as needed, because full containers can be stored until ready to be unloaded. These solutions accommodate 20′, 40′, or even 53′ ft containers.

Ideal for a variety of free-flowing materials:

  • Food such as sugar, grain, rice, soybeans, and coffee
  • Organic materials such as wood chips, bark or biomass
  • Industrial materials such as nickel, coal, lime, and cement
  • Resin polymers such as PET, PE, and PP
  • Scrap or recycling materials

The Container Loader

To begin, the driver backs the truck trailer and empty container onto the container loader until the trailer is against the backstop. The operator opens the container doors and secures the container.  Then the trailer is disconnected from the 5th wheel and the driver pulls away.

The container loader activates. The container is lifted — up to 90 degrees — by a combination of extending and compressing hydraulic cylinders. The container is easily filled in its lifted configuration.

Once filled, the operator ascends a ladder to a work platform at the top where the doors can be accessed and closed. A guard rail panel lowers down, creating a walkway to reach and secure the door latches. After locking the doors, raising the walkway, and descending the ladder, the container is ready to be lowered. Once back on the ground, the trailer is reconnected at the 5th wheel and unlatched. The gate is lowered, and the loaded container is ready to exit the loader.

The Container Unloader/Tilter

The driver backs the truck trailer and the full container onto the tilter until the trailer is against the backstop. The operator opens the container doors, secures the trailer, disconnects the trailer at the 5th wheel, and the driver exits the container unloader.

The hydraulic cylinders engage, lifting the container up to 63 degrees, in as little as 60 seconds. Bulk material is unloaded in this configuration. For liquids or plastic resins, the use of single container plastic liners can also be used for controlled, spill-free emptying.

Once unloaded, the container can be lowered in as little as 40 seconds. The operator closes and latches the doors, unlocks the container, and reconnects the 5th wheel, and the driver is ready to exit with the emptied container.

Truck Dumpers / Truck Tippers

The most popular method of bulk material transporting is back-end unloader trucks. When it’s necessary to tilt the truck with the container, Greenfield Products offers several models of truck to make unloading effortless.  Our truck dumpers and tippers are both back-in and drive-over styles, and for both grade-level and elevated discharge.

Truck dumper models are set on a concrete foundation. Each model is determined by the length and its tilt angle needed. Lengths from 40-75 feet long, with tilt angles from 35-62 degrees of tilt.

No matter what model of bulk container handler you need, getting started is easy.  Most models will ship via truck or overseas in a 40’ high-cube container.  All Models feature easy, low-cost installation, with large, fit-together pieces, and no field welding necessary.  All models are built with advanced engineering and heavy-duty construction. As with all Greenfield Products’ solutions, all are designed for increased safety, improved productivity, and reliable performance.