Motrec ® MT Series Tow Tractors

Motrec ® MT Series Tow Tractors

Motrec’s agile line of stand-up Tow Tractors (tuggers) delivers outstanding performance; safely taking you and your heavy loads just about anywhere, even through narrow doorways and corridors. The MT Series Tow Tractors are ideal for industrial, commercial, or institutional applications requiring maneuverability with up to 200,000 lbs. of stable towing power.

From their all-steel construction to all-wheel braking, Motrec MT Series Tow Tractors are built for years of heavy use in total comfort and safety. Standard features include maintenance-free AC motor (boosts productivity with 50% longer runtime), automatic parking brake, upgraded suspension, 360° visibility, low step height and anti-fatigue mats.

Model Passengers Max Speed Turning Radius Load Capacity Towing Capacity
MT-160 1 6 mph 54″ 500 lbs. 6,000 lbs.
MT-180 1 8 mph 71″ 500 lbs. 10,000 lbs.
MT-210 1 6 mph 56″ 300 lbs. 16,000 lbs.
MT-280* 1 6-8 mph 72-73″ 500-800 lbs. 6,000-16,000 lbs.
MT-290* 1 6-8 mph 72-77″ 500-700 lbs. 6,000-16,000 lbs.
MT-310 1 6 mph 78″ 500 lbs. 16,000 lbs.
MT-340* 1 8 mph 59-68″ 500 lbs. 16,000-20,000 lbs.
MT-350* 1 8 mph 81″ 500 lbs. 16,000-20,000 lbs.
MT-440* 1-2 7-10 mph 90-119″ 500-600 lbs. 20,000-30,000 lbs.
MT-800 2 15 mph 120″ 1,500 lbs. 50,000 lbs.
MT-900* 1 2.5-4 mph 99″ 400 lbs. 120,000-200,000 lbs.

*Specifications will vary depending on electrical voltage used

MT-160: 6,000 lbs. towing capacity
30″ wide, stand-up tow tractor ideal for industrial, commercial, or institutional applications requiring maneuverability and up to 6,000 lbs. of stable towing power. It can even double as a stock chaser.

MT-180: 10,000 lbs. towing capacity
This hardworking tow tractor delivers outstanding performance. With its efficient motor and 10,000-lb. towing capacity, the MT-180 is ideal for moving trailers.

MT-210: 16,000 lbs. towing capacity
Highly maneuverable, operator-friendly stand-up tugger that’s ideal for frequent step-in-and-out applications.  The rear central driving position allows for easy step-on/step-off from either side. The 56″ turning radius is the tightest in its category.

MT-280: 16,000 lbs. towing capacity
With its efficient AC direct-drive motor and 16,000-lb. towing capacity, the MT-280 is ideal for moving trailers over long distances. It’s also narrow enough to fit through most door openings.

MT-290: 16,000 lbs. towing capacity
Equal parts modern workhorse and mobile workshop. A multi-purpose tugger boasting a long-lasting industrial battery with easy under-the-seat access.

MT-310: 16,000 lbs. towing capacity
A low-maintenance, high-efficiency AC vehicle with full customization possibilities. Ergonomic one-touch sit-down / stand-up seat, and easy-access rear hitch means no more constantly climbing in and out of the vehicle.

MT-340: up to 20,000 lbs. towing capacity
A quiet and low-maintenance workhorse with an unbeatable turning radius and leaf spring suspension and shock absorbers, flat-free solid softy tires, inching control, protected electrical components and much more – all standard.

MT-350: up to 20,000 lbs. towing capacity
A rugged, low-to-the-ground AC-powered vehicle boasting signature recessed dual headlights, a central driving position, Dust and water-proof electrical components, vastly upgraded differential and steering, leaf springs rear suspension, and more.

MT-350: up to 30,000 lbs. towing capacity
Robust, low-maintenance two-seater that features a highly efficient AC direct-drive powertrain, plenty of power to haul 30,000 lbs. over long distances, and an oversized industrial battery to lengthen running time.

MT-800: 50,000 lbs. towing capacity
A compact two-seater that’s engineered to deliver massive towing power in cramped industrial settings. Its thick, one-piece welded steel plate chassis – reinforced at all high-stress areas – makes this rugged workhorse virtually indestructible.

MT-900: up to 200,000 lbs. towing capacity
Remarkably maneuverable, thanks to its short turning radius, smooth power steering, and dual planetary wheel drive with parallel controls to prevent spinning and lateral sliding. 2 x 15 hp fan-cooled motors delivers higher output at lower speeds; the oversized industrial batteries and electric regenerative braking ensure safer stopping and longer running times.

Various power configurations available including 24-volt narrow, 36-volt, 36-volt SD, 36-volt HD, 48-volt narrow, 48-volt, 48-volt HD, and 80-volt IC, depending on model and application.  See your Greenfield Products Representative for more information.