Motrec® MP Series Personnel Carriers

Motrec® MP Series Personnel Carriers

Motrec MP Series Personnel Carriers are the “go‑anywhere” vehicle for comfortably transporting up to 11 passengers. Quick, smooth, quiet, and with zero emissions. These electric personnel carriers and trams will keep you moving with plenty of power to spare.

Model Passengers Max Speed Turning Radius Load Capacity Towing Capacity
MP-120* 1 6 mph 42″ 300 lbs. 1,000 lbs.
MP-240* 1 9 mph 71″ 500 lbs. 2,000-6,000 lbs.
MP-250* 1 7-8 mph 75″ 500 lbs. 2,000-6,000 lbs.
MP-300* 2 10 mph 127″ 1,200 lbs. 4,000 lbs.
MP-420* 5 8 mph 90″ 1,700 lbs. 4,000 lbs.
MP-500* 6-11 10-13 mph 148-170″ 3,000 lbs. 6,000-6,250 lbs.

* Specifications will vary depending on electrical voltage, and seating configurations used

Narrow, quick and highly maneuverable, the stand-up MP-120 is a cost-efficient way to transport you and your stock just about anywhere—through door openings, around tight corners and down narrow aisles. Its 6 mph traveling speed allows you to get around two times faster than on foot. Its compact design boasts a durable steel construction and 360º visibility for greater safety. Ideal for tasks like maintenance, order picking, plant security, first aid and more.

The MP-240 is an economic and cost-effective vehicle that can adapt to any industry. It’s narrow and maneuverable enough to fit through door openings, but tough enough to withstand years of abuse. It’ll move you and your stock three times faster than on foot, quickly boosting operational productivity. Features include under-seat battery compartment, low-step entry, and front and lateral protection bars. Optional lift-out battery box and fold-down back seat. A multi-purpose vehicle offering great value and day-to-day reliability.

This agile and versatile personnel carrier has it all: A narrow deck, four wheels for greater stability on rough terrain, powerful motor, rugged automotive differential and larger self-adjusting drum brakes, all-steel unibody construction, bolt-on front bumper and side bar protection, easy-to-access under-seat battery compartment…the list keeps going. It can also pull up to 6,000 lbs., making it a great tow tractor.

This multi-purpose, multi-passenger vehicle is specifically designed to perform in rugged applications. It can efficiently carry personnel and cargo, climb hills, and tow up to 4,000 lbs. simultaneously. With its bolt-on bumpers, all-steel unibody construction, this work horse is built to last. A safe, low-cost, low-maintenance utility truck that also makes a great golf cart alternative.

This quiet, zero-emission vehicle is designed for transporting up to 5 persons quickly and safely. It features two comfortable benches with padded backrests, a dual-sided entry with optional wheelchair-accessible fold-down ramps, and a rear platform large enough for several items of luggage. Stand-up operators enjoy good visibility and face passengers, making interacting easier, safer and much more enjoyable. The light-touch accelerator pedal further reduces operator fatigue.  ADA compliant.

This fully customizable vehicle is designed for moving large groups quickly, safely, and comfortably. It can efficiently pull two tram trailers in all sorts of conditions and climb hills with ease. Its well-balanced design and short turning radius ensure superior maneuverability with responsive steering and braking. Its light-touch accelerator means a smoother ride, while its industrial batteries and cell equalization converter mean more trips per charge. Available in unlimited configurations, including forward-facing or back-to-back seating. Optional wheelchair ramp.

Various power configurations available including 24-volt, 36-volt, and IC. The MP-500 is available in 6, 8, 10, and 11 passenger, and 6 passenger wheelchair configurations.  See your Greenfield Products Representative for more information.