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Forklift Pintle Hook Attachment

Forklift Pintle Hook Attachment

Greenfield Products’ Forklift Pintle Hook Attachment will convert your forklift into a cost-effective tow truck for moving trailers, boats, industrial equipment and other portable components around the yard or jobsite.

The simple, bolt-on design includes dual mounting options for both ITA Class III or IV forklift trucks. It’s built for toughness and engineered to last, with welded steel construction, and baked-on powder coat finish. It’s been designed to allow you to use your existing fork equipment to move most trailers around a facility, anywhere that your fork truck is rated to travel. No more time wasted getting a tow vehicle connected to a trailer —simply slide the forks into the unit and bolt into place. The attachment secures to both forks for stable load movement. Once secured, the unit is ready to be hitched to the desired equipment.

The forged, heavy-duty fast-latch steel pintle hitch is ideal for heavy-duty towing jobs and provides a strong and durable attachment point to any trailer equipped with a lunette ring coupler. Lunette rings are the preferred towing component for most construction, military, industrial and agricultural equipment. Pintle hitches are commonly used to tow generators, welders, pumps, HVAC and lighting components, and other heavy-duty equipment. Therefore, the pintle hook attachment is the preferred towing solution for use at manufacturing and maintenance facilities alike, as well as transient job sites.

Greenfield Products’ Pintle Hook Attachment saves time while eliminating the need for a second machine or tractor. Utilizing a removable attachment instead of a dedicated tow vehicle drastically lowers transport and fuel costs, and it reduces the need for additional staff or extra training. When the job is done, the attachment can be removed to resume the typical lift truck function. The pintle hook also bolts on to the frame, so it can be removed, and other 2” receivers, such as ball or combination hitches, can be used. The entire system is designed for versatility and maximizing the available equipment.

What further sets the Greenfield Products’ Pintle Hook Attachment apart, is the additional option which supplies an onboard air tank and compressor via gladhand connections.  With some quick and simple connections, the attachment can easily be configured to safely control trailer braking all from the safety of the cab. (see details below)  This is the ideal solution for transporting trailers in crowded conditions,  across uneven terrain, or over inclines.

If you need a forklift attachment to move trailers, you’ll need to start with the right accessories. Transform your forklift truck into a trailer hauling solution with the Greenfield Products Forklift Pintle Hook Attachment.

Pintle Hook Specifications:

Max Gross Towing Weight: up to 20,000 lbs. (or as limited by the fork truck)
Forks: Accepts up to 6″ wide forks
Overall dimensions: 36″ W x 38″ H x 28″ L
Weight: 835 lbs.
Meets or Exceeds all OSHA/ANSI requirements
Optional Air Tank Includes Air Tank & Compressor
Air pressure gauge
Petcock water drain
Pressure switch to cycle air compressor on/off
High pressure popoff valve
Red and blue gladhands with air valve
Trailer plug interface for power/ground supply