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Coil Mover

Coil Mover

The Coil Mover is designed for handling steel coils without the need for high-capacity forklifts. Attached to a 18,000-lb. forklift, the Coil Mover extends the capacity of the equipment, easily lifting and moving coils up to 62,000 lbs. The Coil Mover is perfect for movement around your yard, quickly and easily lifting heavy metal coils from warehouse to warehouse or warehouse to ship-side over long distances. Simple mechanical adjustments adapt the Coil Movers to different coil dimensions, and each Coil Mover can be tailored to your existing forklift fleet.

Coil Mover Specifications:

Model NHCL-15 Model NHCL-28
Lifting Capacity 33,000 lbs 62,000 lbs
Forklift Requirements Minimum 18,000 lbs Minimum 18,000 lbs
Length 32′ 10″ 32′ 10″
Width 5′ 11″ 5′ 11″
Dry Weight 5,500 lbs 6,600 lbs
Height Adjustments 2 3


The economics and flexibility offered by the Strong Coil Lifters enable metal coils to be packed / unpacked into 20′ containers at a fraction of the cost of a heavy container forklift and in a fraction of the time.