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Lighter, Stronger, Smarter: Greenfield Product’s Smart Crane Mats Solutions 

Published on: May 22, 2024
Lighter, Stronger, Smarter: Greenfield Product’s Smart Crane Mats Solutions 

Greenfield Products knows that project success hinges on the foundation your equipment stands on. As a pioneering manufacturer and distributor renowned for its customized solutions, Greenfield Products is known for its expertise in producing custom products for lifting and handling materials and other specialized equipment. However, their commitment extends beyond cranes and heavy-duty machinery; it delves into the very anchor of these operations – the crane outrigger mats. 

Engineering Excellence: Smart Crane Mats by Greenfield Products 

Spurred by a growing demand from customers looking for crane mats that wouldn’t quickly deteriorate like old-fashioned wooden mats, Greenfield Products began designing and engineering their own crane outrigger mats over a decade ago. Unlike makeshift solutions prevalent in the industry, Greenfield opted for a meticulous approach, integrating superior materials into their patented, PE stamped Smart Crane Mats.  

Greenfield’s mats are designed with a center grid that provides strength in every direction. This also ensures superior load distribution underneath the mat when compared to wood or other steel mats made of tubing or I-beam. Their Smart Crane mats show virtually no noticeable deflection when loaded, a further benefit of using lightweight yet robust materials in the manufacturing process.  

From DIY to Dependable: Advancements in Crane Mat Technology 

While many crane mats hastily used on worksites are essentially DIY projects made up of poorly welded rows of I-beam or steel tubing without regard for engineering standards, rating, or capacity, Greenfield’s Smart Crane Mats offer a stark contrast. Crafted from high-strength steel and meticulously engineered, these mats boast unparalleled durability and reliability and come with in-house engineered drawings and a PE stamp.  

Greenfield offers mats perfectly suited for all-terrain cranes and hydraulic truck cranes that range in size from 4-foot by 4-foot up to 8-foot by 12-foot and offer an impressive capacity of 90 US tons to 550 US tons. If necessary, custom sizes are available upon request as well.  

Engineering Ingenuity: A Comparative Advantage 

Unlike their cumbersome counterparts, Greenfield’s mats are lightweight yet robust, ensuring stability without the risk of sinking into the ground. Thanks to its high strength engineered steel, the patented design of Smart Crane mats allows a set of four mats to be stacked together and lifted as a single load, then dropped in sequence around the crane, saving time and effort. Overall, the Smart Crane mats designed by Greenfield Products surpass all other available options. 

Greenfield’s Smart Crane Mats: 40% Lighter Than I-Beam Mats 

Four 6 x 8 I-beam mats weigh a total of 12,800 lbs., whereas Greenfield’s Smart Crane Mats in the same size weigh only 7,000 lbs. Similarly, four 6 x 12 I-beam mats can weigh a total of 33,600 lbs., while Greenfield’s Smart Crane Mats of the same size weigh only 12,000 lbs. This significant weight reduction translates to easier transportation of the mats and increased efficiency on projects. 

Features and Benefits of Smart Crane Mats 

  • Lightweight Design: High-strength steel construction reduces tare weight by up to 50%, translating to significant transportation savings. 
  • Engineering Excellence: PE stamped drawings ensure compliance with standards and regulations. 
  • High Capacity Rating: Each mat is meticulously rated to exceed the crane manufacturer’s specifications, providing optimal performance. 
  • Convenient Design: The two-point pick design simplifies handling, eliminating the need for shackles or hooks. 

Choose Greenfield: The Ultimate Assurance of Quality 

In an industry where makeshift solutions and subpar alternatives can not only impact productivity but potentially create hazardous situations, Greenfield Products stands the test of time with their engineering innovation and reliability. Their Smart Crane Mats redefine industry standards, outperforming traditional alternatives in every aspect. By opting for Greenfield Products, you’re not just investing in a particular product; you’re investing in the success and safety of your jobsite. 

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