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Vertical Coil Lifter

Vertical Coil Lifter

The Vertical Coil Lifter provides a simple and effective way to safely lift vertical eye wire coils without compromising the everyday use of your fork truck.  Featuring a self-contained design that operates via gravity, the operator can simply engage the fork pockets of the unit and get to work.  No hydraulic or electrical interfacing with the truck is required.  When the Vertical Coil Lifter is landed, the lifting mechanism activates, creating a strong grip on the inside of the coil.  When lifted, the mechanism locks into place, ensuring that the coils are securely transported to their destination.

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Features & Benefits

  • Locking and unlocking is operated via gravity.  No hydraulic or electrical interfacing to truck.
  • Lifters are handled via fork pockets, allowing the fork truck to be used for other tasks.
  • Unit is encased in a steel shell, providing a barrier against the rigors of everyday use.
  • Can be custom engineered to various sizes of vertical eye wire coils.