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Spreader Maintenance Chassis

Spreader Maintenance Chassis

This heavy duty chassis and control station is designed for transportation and assistance in maintenance tasks associated with container spreaders.  The spreader can be safely landed on the Spreader Maintenance Chassis and then transported to the shop environment.  The chassis has corner castings with 20′ and 40′ positions to replicate container landing positions.  The chassis is designed to lift/hoist the spreader from the center frame with air bags to allow the spreader to extend and retract.  The spreader can then be adjusted to multiple positions for troubleshooting.

Spreader Maintenance Control Station Specifications

Control Station

  • Heavy duty construction for shop environment.
  • Brings in 480 power and sends power / CAM Controls to the spreader


  • Operate and Monitor spreader functions.


  • 24x20x10

Pneumatic Valve

  • Shop air will be used to hoist the spreader via pneumatic air jacks mounted to chassis.
  • Quick disconnects for connection of shop air and output on same side.


  • On front of enclosure for easy access.

Indicator Light

  • Next to E-stop. Illuminates when system is powered up.

Disconnect Switch

  • Pad lockable disconnect for safety purposes. Cuts input of 480 power.