Modular Lashing Cage

Modular Lashing Cage

The Greenfield Products Modular Lashing Cage keeps safety of the stevedores in mind while easily accommodating both 20 and 40 ft. ISO twist lock configurations. The combination of the central safety cage and two external cages allow for several different configurations. The cage will have the exact footprint of a 20 or 40 ft. ISO container, and can accommodate 4 to 8 personnel.

Modular Lashing Cage Built for Safety.

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do, and the modular lashing cage is a great example.  It’s designed with every safety consideration in mind, and rated with a Safety Factor of 10:1. From the ground up, the lashing cage features non-slip flooring with drain spots, and a 6” high toe recess along the entire perimeter to keep stray limbs out of harm’s way.  The entire cage has a safety railing around the perimeter, with additional handholds positioned 6” all the way around the inside the perimeter.  All doors open inwards, and feature automatic closing and locking mechanisms. The cage is fully roofed for protection against any falling objects. Lashing eyes are placed behind each working position for D-ring attachment with a safety harness, as an extra layer of fall protection.

And when connecting to a parent spreader, the lashing cage employs a unique “double safety system” in the event of twist lock failure.  In addition to the automatic twist locks, the cage is then secured with manual quick hooks from inside the cage.  All of the refinements have been carefully engineered, built and tested to not only improve the workplace safety of stevedores, but also exceed the guidelines of the International Labour Organization, as well as the laws and regulations of each country.

Modular Lashing Cage Built for Ease.

The modular lashing cage is the only one of its kind that converts from a 20 ft. ISO container footprint to a 40 ft. ISO container footprint, with working stations positioned on either side.  The structure is a 20 ft. central cage that can be used alone, or it can be safely connected and secured inside a larger 40 ft. frame, with two (2) 10 ft. working areas on either end.  Whether used in its 20 ft. or 40 ft. configuration, the lashing cage has the exact footprint or an ISO container for ease of storage and transport.

The modular lashing cage is also designed for easy, direct access to the twist locks. The bottom of the cage is recessed on each corner to facilitate reach and speed up the unlashing process.

Modular Lashing Cage Built to Last.

The modular lashing cage is designed to last the stress and strain of continuous cycles. The low maintenance, powder coated finish withstands the harshest elements – as low as -20° and up to 100% relative humidity. The modular lashing cage is constructed with 100% continuous weld construction by certified welders.

Expedite the unlashing process, save time and money without compromising on personnel protection with this rugged solution that works across 20 ft. and 40 ft. bays interchangeably.

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