Smart Crane Mats

Smart Crane Mats

Designed for operator convenience and reduced crane set-up time, Greenfield Products’ Patented Smart Crane Mats work perfectly with hydraulic truck cranes and all-terrain cranes ranging from 90-ton to 550-ton capacity. They range in size from 4-foot by 6-foot, up to 8-foot by 16-foot. These smart crane mats are made of high-strength steel rather than wood, and they are also 40 percent lighter than typical tubular or I-beam style steel mats on the market.

Smart crane mats have virtually no noticeable deflection when loaded. They are designed with a center grid that provides strength in both directions of the mats, longitudinal and across. This provides a superior load distribution underneath the mat. In addition, smart crane mats have a much longer lifespan than traditional wood mats.

Leveraging smart crane mats versus wood crane mats can also help prevent job site delays and protect the environment, as the soil can be damaged by heavy, sinking construction equipment.

Features & Benefits of Smart Crane Mats:

  • Light Weight: Our unique design using high-strength steel significantly reduces the tare weight of each mat, offering BIG transportation savings. Tare weight up to 50% less than regular steel mats.
  • Engineered: PE stamped drawings are available upon request. 
  • High Capacity Rating: We ensure our mats’ rating exceeds the maximum outrigger load posted by the crane manufacturer. Each mat comes with a Greenfield serial number plate with the rating stamped. 
  • Two Point Pick Design: Two embedded lifting stubs at each end of the mats allows for a single strap to be used to pick up all mats as a stack or individually.  No shackles or hooks required!

Learn more about the benefits of using Steel Crane Mats / Outrigger Pads:

Crane Mat Sizes:

Mat Size** Area (sq. ft.) Mat Weight (lbs) Set of 4 Mats (lbs) Load Rating (lbs)
4’x6′ 24 800 3,200 200,000
5’x7′ 35 1,400 5,600 370,000
5’x8′ 40 1,200 4,800 250,000
6’x6′ 36 1,400 5,600 370,000
6’x8′ 48 1,750 7,000 370,000
6’x10′ 60 2,400 9,600 430,000
8’x8′ 64 2,500 10,000 475,000
6’x12′ 72 3,000 12,000 475,000
8’x10′ 80 3,000 12,000 475,000
8’x12′ 96 4,000 16,000 535,000

**Custom sizes also available.