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Boom Launch Trailer

Boom Launch Trailer

The Greenfield Boom Launch Trailer is designed to provide unmatched reliability and efficiency when transporting your large hydraulic crane boom. Our advanced controls allow the operator to handle the boom with extreme accuracy.  The Boom Launch Trailer offers side to side adjustment on the front trolley connection to allow for some misalignment between the trailer and the crane. The hydraulics are powered thru a reliable gas Honda engine (Diesel optional) that makes the connecting and disconnecting procedure of the boom a fast and safe operation.

Axles, Brakes & Tires

Meritor 95” Track axles with 16.5” x 7” brakes
Optional KGI Self-Steer axle – 95” Track axle with 16.5” x 7” brakes
Axle Beam Capacity 25,000 lbs
Hendrickson HT250US Suspension
Suspension Capacity 25,000 lbs
Type 30/30 Spring Brake Chambers, Auto slack adjusters
Brake System 25,000 lbs
Tire Size 11R x 22.5 16 ply tires
Inner Steel Wheels; Outer Aluminum Wheels


DOT-approved 12V Truck-lite LED lights
License Plate light
Two (2) amber LED flasher


Boom support on launcher rear with bolt-on wear pads
Manual levers for hydraulic functions
Bolt-on Oversize load sign
SAF Holland two-speed landing gears at gooseneck
Four hydraulic jacks with removable pads/footings
Two (2) Flag Pockets on rear
Registration holder
Twelve winches (Six per side) for boom strapping. Straps included
Operations manual in PDF format

Paint & Finish

Primer 2 part zinc enriched
Paint Polyurethane topcoat.
Color Per customer’s request