A-Ward MiTilt™ Container Unloader

A-Ward MiTilt™ Container Unloader

A-Ward’s unique MiTiltTM unloader eliminates the need for scarce and expensive tilting trailers. Whether your material is being unloaded through a grate, over an edge, or directly in the ground, the MiTiltTM enables faster, cleaner, and safer unloading.

Mi-Tilt™ Is Ideal For:

  • Unloading a range of materials directly into your storage system at the speed you want.
  • Contamination-free unloading of sensitive or hazardous materials.

How It Works:

The MiTiltTM unloader tilts up to a maximum unloading angle of 70 degree, with a 90 degree option available if required. All of our unloaders are designed to boost productivity and benefit your bottom line, eliminating the need for tilting trailers. In addition, our innovative raised models save the cost of building an expensive in-ground system.