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Remove generator sets from reefer containers safely and efficiently with the GenSet Handler.  The GenSet Handler is properly-rated because it is specifically designed for this application and conforms to current ANSI/OSHA regulations. This one-man operation reduces costs and ensures safety by allowing the operator to switch controls from the cab to the basket. See it for yourself! Click here to watch our video of the GenSet Handler.

GenSet Handler Remover

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Features and Benefits:

With the GenSet Handler from Greenfield Products, you can install and remove genset from reefer containers with only one person opposed to other methods which require 2-3 people.  The reefer container maintenance world has been looking for a solution like this for many years.  Once Lanco purchased LiftKing Manufacturing Corp., a manufacturer of forklifts, we saw an opportunity to solve our customers’ problems using an in-house partnership.

“When the customers see the product, they say, “I have been thinking about a machine like this for 20 years,” stated Anthony Calomino, Assistant GM of Sales at Greenfield. Now that we have completed testing and are ready to take orders, I am very excited to start to share this new solution with our port customers.”