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Fork Mounted Container Spreaders

  • Fork Mounted Container Spreaders
  • Fork Mounted Container Spreaders
TheLF2020 and LF4040 is a fixed frame container spreader designed for fork mounting. This model offers the ability to quickly install/remove a container handler on/off a standard fork truck. The twistlocks of this unit are hydraulic driven. Status indications are provided to show the twistlock state. Interlocking is included to prevent twistlock activation unless the spreader is seated on a container.

The fork mounted container spread is a quick disconnect fork lift attachement for handline 20', 40', and 45' ISO containers and tankers.

  • Fork mounted container spreader!
  • Allows a fork truck to handle a more diverse group of containers or tankers.
  • Electrical or hydraulic interlocking systems.


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  • Spreader rating:  70,000# Standard. Truck capacity may limit spreader rating 
  • Frame: fixed I-beam construction mated to fabricated, box-beam endbeams. 
  • Container handled: ISO 40’ 
  • Twistlocks: ‘bevel-level’ system for ultimate ease of container engagement. 
  • Fork Pockets: 6" x 16" at approximate 82" centers.
    • Option:  Fork pockets at wider settings according to customer requirements 
  • Retention: Standard: D-ring, center mounted.
    • Option:  Dual D-rings, one over each fork pocket 
    • Option: Fork heel bars (field welding required to avoid overwidth shipping dimension). 
  • Safety: Standard: mechanical/hydraulic interlock.
    • Option: Electric system interlock with spreader. 
  • Signal: Standard: Two flags at rear of each endbeam.
    • Option: spreader mounted indicator lights. 
  • Lashing eyes:
    • Option: four corner, 10T each. 
  • Tare weight: Approximately 11,000#