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Chassis Handling



Chassis Rotator

The HCR-4 chassis rotator is a heavy-duty fork truck attachment used for bundling, unbundling and handling container chassis.
This unit slides over the forks of a standard 30,000 to 36,000# fork truck. Once attached to the fork truck, the chassis rotator is used to lift, move, rotate and stack or unstack container chassis.
The HCR-4 features a rugged fixed head design at the four clamping corners and is designed for handling ISO straight framed  container  chassis.

Chassis Picker

The Chassis picker provides a secure means to handle chassis from the top. The unit slides into the forks of standard 28,000-30,000# fork trucks. Once attached to the fork truck, the picker can be used to stack chassis tire-on-tire or in a reverse nest. Various styles of pickers are used to stack challenging 20' chassis, JBH chassis, or standard straight frame chassis.