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Boom Dolly



Boom Dolly - 3 Axle Wide Spread - Model W3

The Wide Spread 3-Axle Boom Dolly is designed around the most stringent weight regulations. The longer wheel base allows for more capacity over the road and meets DOT closed couple laws.

Boom Dolly - 3 Axle - Model C3

The 3 Axle Boom Dolly is a very versatile piece of equipment that can be adapted to many All-Terrain Crane. Boom dollies equipped with 3 Axles typically work with a GVWR of 67,500 lbs. Greenfield Products diligently designs each dolly to ensure safety and reliability. Each Boom Dolly can be adjusted to meet any specifications and still offer the best lead times in the industry.

Boom Dolly - 2 Axle - Model B2


With a focus on features, structural integrity, and flexibility, the Dual and Tri-Axle Boom Dollies reflect the meticulous manufacturing and superior quality Greenfield has come to be known for. Each Boom Dolly produced is fully engineered from the ground up to meet the crane manufacturer’s specifications and customer requirements.

Boom Dolly - 2 Axle - Model C2

The 2-axle boom dolly C2 model is an elongated version of the model B2 to accommodate longer connection points on the crane boom.