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Lift Truck Attachments


When your load does not fit to a pallet, Greenfield can offer custom solutions for your particular need.


Auto-Frame Carriage

The GPI auto-frame carriage is used to handle multiple numbers and styles of carriages for frame stamping customers.

5th Wheel Attachment

The fork-mounted 5th Wheel Attachment provides a simple and effective means of moving and rearranging trailers and chassis. Three versions of the attachment are available that range in capacity, providing options for moving empty chassis, chassis with mounted empty containers, chassis with mounted full containers, and trailers efficiently.

Chassis Picker

The Chassis picker provides a secure means to handle chassis from the top. The unit slides into the forks of standard 28,000-30,000# fork trucks. Once attached to the fork truck, the picker can be used to stack chassis tire-on-tire or in a reverse nest. Various styles of pickers are used to stack challenging 20' chassis, JBH chassis, or standard straight frame chassis.

Pipe Stabilizer


Handling round pipe securely offers unique challenges. Pipe comes in many diameters and sizes, and Greenfield Products’ Pipe Stabilizers are designed with that in mind.  Working with your local lift-truck dealer, Greenfield can help match your needs with the correct clamp interfaced to the proper truck for optimum efficiency and safety. Whether the need is to handle one pipe, a layer of pipe, or bundles of pipe, Greenfield Products can provide the solution that is right for you.

Concrete Clamping Carriage

The Greenfield Products concrete clamping carriage is an integral-mounted heavy-duty carriage built for standard fork carriage use or for clamping onto concrete pipes.
With the clamping pads installed, the carriage is used to engage and clamp onto concrete pipe. Once clamped, the concrete pipe can be lifted and moved. Standard carriage operation is accomplished by removing the clamping pads. Switching to or from clamping and standard carriage use is easily accomplished by installation or removal of the clamping pads that fit over the forks.

TH4 Tire Handler


The TH4 Tire Handler is specifically developed for underground mining, port, rail, and construction equipment tire handling applications.  The compact head design, combined with the 360 degree of tire body rotation, enable the tire pads to access tight and confined areas with low clearance around tie tires.

TH15A Tire Handler


The TH15A Tire Handler targets Cat 793 and Komatsu 830 haul truck applications, providing maximum capacity in a small and highly maneuverable handling solution.

TH25 Tire Handler

The TH25 Tire Handler targets the largest haul truck applications with tire sizes to 59/80R63 and wheel loader applications with 70/70R57s.  It provides unmatched performance, value, visibility, and maneuverability.

TH35 Tire Handler

The TH35 Tire Handler is designed to handle the largest tires, including wheel loader tires with chains. Its optimized design retains tire handling capacities that no other solution can match.