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Intermodal / Railroad


Download Our Port & Rail GuideGreenfield Products manufactures a large range of custom designed, engineered and fabricated equipment.  Take a look at some of our products by downloading our Port & Rail Product Guide.


Bomb Cart / Terminal Trailers


The model M20-45CH is a heavy duty bomb cart designed to withstand severe use commonly associated with port and rail applications. This bomb cart offers a heavy duty suspension specifically for use with solid tires. The M20-45CH is an off road ISO container chassis provides increased efficiency for loading and unloading operations.

Over-height spreader


The Over-Height Spreader is designed to handle goods in a port or rail application where the product is protruding from the top of an open-top container or flat rack.

Chassis Rotator

The HCR-4 chassis rotator is a heavy-duty fork truck attachment used for bundling, unbundling and handling container chassis.
This unit slides over the forks of a standard 30,000 to 36,000# fork truck. Once attached to the fork truck, the chassis rotator is used to lift, move, rotate and stack or unstack container chassis.
The HCR-4 features a rugged fixed head design at the four clamping corners and is designed for handling ISO straight framed  container  chassis.

Spreader Chassis


Greenfield Products is a leading manufacturer of Ship to Shore and Intermodal Spreader Chassis.  These Chassis can be adjusted to the specific dimensions of your spreader and will help with transportation and maintenance of your container handling spreader.



Get more use out of your Reachstacker with a GPI Attachment to handle non-containerized cargo.


Spill Containment Chassis


The Greenfield Products Spill Containment Bomb Cart has been designed and engineered to handle and contain leaking 20’ and 40’ ISO Container or 20’ Tankers.  The Model N20-45-1 can be transported by Hostler, Crane Spreader or Straddle Carrier. 

The N20-45 is build with Bomb Cart standards, but also has the ability to retain over 1000CF or 7500 Gallons of Liquid.  This is approximately the volume of a 20’ Tanker. 

VDL Yard Crane Spreaders (CH6450)


The VDL CH6450 Series of Yard Crane Spreaders are designed to handle 20-40ft/20-40-45ft ISO containers. The double girder design is structurally based on the VDL ship-to-shore spreaders.

The proven telescoping system consists of 3-point mounted hydraulic cylinders, impact protected with spring washer packages and hydraulic relief valves. The twistlock-beams are equipped with the quick exchange floating twistlocks
system. The standard spreaders are hydraulically powered by the twin motor/pump power pack, mounted on heavy duty shock absorbers.
VDL Yard Crane Spreaders are in operation all over the world.  They are available with several options and different guides/flippers combinations. All VDL spreaders are protected with a unique thermosetting powder surface coating. The environment-friendly process (no solvent, no air pollution) provides maximum corrosion resistance and surface hardness and, above all, an outstanding appearance.


The AGV is a fully automatic guided vehicle that operates in the docks. The VDL AGV transports containers up to 70 metric tons with a maximum speed of 20 feet per second. Through close cooperation between VDL companies, a highly functional, quiet, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly product is created with the lowest operating costs and best MTBF rate. 

VDL Fully Electric Spreaders

The VDL electric seriess are crane spreaders designed to handle 20-40ft / 20-40-45ft ISO containers. The double girder design is structurally based on the VDL ship-to-shore crane spreaders and is made out of high-quality steel in order to reduce the weight of the spreader.
The robust and reliable telescopic system consists of two electric motors (both 2,2 kW) powering two timing belts, equipped with shock absorption through spring washer packages. The twistlocks system works with one electrical
motor (0,37 kW) per end beam which powers a rotating system. This system is connected with the different “quick exchange floating twistlocks“ by a bar. Flippers are moved by one 1,1 kW electro motor per flipper which powers a
transmission. Between the motor and the transmission a clutch is installed which will open in case of high external pressure. 
VDL Electric Spreaders are available as single-, twin- and separating twin-lift version. The series are available with several options and different guides/flippers combinations.

MiTilt Container Tilting

Our innovative Container Loaders and Container Unloaders coupled with our specialized Excavator Attachment range are key to our customer’s success in bulk material handling and processing of:
Food products including sugar, grain, rice, soya bean, coffee
Minerals including nickel, coal, lime, cement
Polymers including resins PET, PE, PP

Chassis Picker

The Chassis picker provides a secure means to handle chassis from the top. The unit slides into the forks of standard 28,000-30,000# fork trucks. Once attached to the fork truck, the picker can be used to stack chassis tire-on-tire or in a reverse nest. Various styles of pickers are used to stack challenging 20' chassis, JBH chassis, or standard straight frame chassis.

Cone Cart - "Mini-Grunt"

Removal and Installation of inter-box connectors (IBC's) on double-stack rail cars present unique challenges of workman comfort, fatigue, safety, and productivity. The Greenfield Grunt promotes a viable solution that allows the workman the seamlessly move along the side of a train. The workman can either place or pull IBC's from the rail car productively and efficiently with out climbing.

Spreader Test Chassis

Move, store, test and repair the spreader within the confines of a maintenance building by this purpose-built spreader test chassis. Mated to a remote control panel, the spreader functions can be simulated for troubleshooting, maintenance or repair.

Pneumatic Hook Spreader

The Pneumatic Hook Spreader utilizes twenty (20) weblatch hooks divided across two (2) frame sides. The hooks are loaded manually, and then unloaded via a battery-powered remote control. This reduces the labor required to load ships, and allows greater adaptation to various types of bulk and break bulk cargo.

Remote-Controlled Electric Spreader

The Fully Electric Spreader is designed for the handling of 20ft and 40ft ISO containers with single or double hook jib cranes, in ports or on vessels. The twistlocks are activated by remote control.

Railcar Jack – RJ40-32

The intermodal Railcar Jack has been Designed, Engineered and Built by Greenfield Products to lift 40 Ton Intermodal Rail Cars. The compact and robust design will allow users to deliver and operate the Railcar Jack even in the roughest of yard conditions. When railcar repairs need to be done there is only one jack you can trust.

Universal Container Chassis

The model M20-53R is a heavy duty universal yard chassis designed to withstand severe use associated with rail application. This off road container chassis accommodates ISO 20-40-45’containers, JB Hunt containers and US domestic containers. It provides increased efficiency for loading, unloading and in yard transport of containers with a reduction in chassis maintenance.

Semi-Automatic Spreader


The semi-automatic spreader is designed for the handling of 20 ft & 40 ft ISO containers with single or double hook jib cranes, in ports or on vessels. The twistlocks are activated by landing and lifting the spreader from the container by the crane operator. No hydraulic or electric systems are needed.

Standard and Heavy Duty Models are available.  

HD Frames are Additionally Reinforced by75%.


Manual Spreaders

The LF2020 with manual transmission offers a simple, low-cost solution to handle  low volumes of containers.  As the activation of twistlocks is done by a person pulling on a chain, there is no electrical or hydraulic adaptation to the fork truck.  Securing the spreader to the truck carriage is as simple as pulling a pin or disconnecting a chain.  The quick removal on and off the forks retains the fork truck functionality for general purposes.

Fork Mounted Container Spreaders

TheLF2020 and LF4040 is a fixed frame container spreader designed for fork mounting. This model offers the ability to quickly install/remove a container handler on/off a standard fork truck. The twistlocks of this unit are hydraulic driven. Status indications are provided to show the twistlock state. Interlocking is included to prevent twistlock activation unless the spreader is seated on a container.

Empty Container Spreaders

The EC/EH2040 spreader is an expandable 20’ / 40’ empty container handler.  This model features a two-point side post design with twistlock container engagement.