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Bulk / Break Bulk Cargo



MiTilt Container Tilting

Our innovative Container Loaders and Container Unloaders coupled with our specialized Excavator Attachment range are key to our customer’s success in bulk material handling and processing of:
Food products including sugar, grain, rice, soya bean, coffee
Minerals including nickel, coal, lime, cement
Polymers including resins PET, PE, PP

Spill Containment Chassis


The Greenfield Products Spill Containment Bomb Cart has been designed and engineered to handle and contain leaking 20’ and 40’ ISO Container or 20’ Tankers.  The Model N20-45-1 can be transported by Hostler, Crane Spreader or Straddle Carrier. 

The N20-45 is build with Bomb Cart standards, but also has the ability to retain over 1000CF or 7500 Gallons of Liquid.  This is approximately the volume of a 20’ Tanker. 


The AGV is a fully automatic guided vehicle that operates in the docks. The VDL AGV transports containers up to 70 metric tons with a maximum speed of 20 feet per second. Through close cooperation between VDL companies, a highly functional, quiet, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly product is created with the lowest operating costs and best MTBF rate. 

Pneumatic Hook Spreader

The Pneumatic Hook Spreader utilizes twenty (20) weblatch hooks divided across two (2) frame sides. The hooks are loaded manually, and then unloaded via a battery-powered remote control. This reduces the labor required to load ships, and allows greater adaptation to various types of bulk and break bulk cargo.


  • Heavy duty steel construction is designed to lift and tow roll trailers up to 121 tons
  • Designed for terminal tractors with hydraulic lift fifth-wheel plates with a lifting capacity of up to 36 metric tons
  • Easy hookup to tractors and roll trailers
  • Goosenecks can be stowed in parking stands when not in use (optional)
  • Safety chains available for added safety (optional)